2017 PenFinancial Video Scholarship


Choose the 2017 Winner!

VOTING CLOSES on Friday, June 2nd at 3 p.m.


Aaron Parry

Benjamin Johnson
Dhvani Shah
Emily Schram
Owen Sutton

*Rules: Votes are being tracked by an external agency. If any type of irregular voting activity, cheating mechanisms, or bot activity is flagged, the contestant may be disqualified. Please ensure that your voting networks are made aware that these voting rules are in place. Following the close of voting on June 27th, the votes and voting activity will be analyzed to ensure legitimacy.

Sprowt.ca is pleased to offer our Video Scholarship Contest, giving students in Niagara an opportunity to win some cash. Each year, PenFinancial Credit Union gives away $4,000 in scholarships to local students.

Questions? We welcome them. Email emailus@penfinancial.com or call 289-820-9744 ex. 247

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